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Erin Electrical Enterprises

Welcome to Savance Enterprise, Erin Electric

August 15, 2011

We welcome Erin Electrical Enterprises to the Savance family! Erin Electric just signed on with Savance to help bring them into the 21st century with a new bidding and quoting system, mobile technology, a web storefront, an electronic document management system, and an import engine. Erin Electric will be converting from an old Array system to Savance Enterprise in stages, allowing them to continue with normal business without any interruptions. We will be training new employees on the changes that are taking place, and also consulting in other areas.

Erin Electric has been in business for over 50 years, and is a distributor of all major American Electrical Manufacturers. They service the Industrial, Commercial, Mining, Petrochemical, Energy, Water Treatment, Fishing, and Export Market and specialize in the “Hard to Find Parts”. Tom Heffernen, owner and founder of Erin Electric, says he needs a more streamlined and simplified process for creating orders, tracking the order throughout the process, and getting it to the customer as quickly as possible. Another major area of Erin Electric’s business is international, selling to municipalities and OEMs. Erin Elecric needed a way to service its overseas customers, so customers can see what items are in stock, the part’s information, and also be able to place an order online. Savance is also helping Tom get some of his slow moving stock out of his warehouse, so he can use that capital to invest in other areas of his growing business.

We look forward to working with Tom and Erin Electric as they continue building their business far into the future.