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Savance Enterprise Testimonial:

Tim Goulet
Tim Goulet, McNaughton-McKay Electric Company: I wanted to outline some of the benefits we have experienced [since adopting Savance Enterprise]. The Ann Arbor office has greatly improved efficiencies at the order entry and processing level. With this new software, we are saving time and giving our customer a consistent, accurate, and professional looking quote. The improved efficiencies come from: Elimination of 2 Order Entry Positions The inside salesmen can now turn quotes directly into orders without having to retype. Once the part number is typed to check price, it is captured in the quote document and can be turned into an order with 1 keystroke. Previously, the orders were written by hand and order entry people entered it into the computer. We Can Fax or Email Directly Savance Enterprise allows us to fax or email directly from the computer. Previously, we had to type the part numbers to look up prices, write by hand, and then fax to the customer. This left room for error and looked unprofessional. Automatically Have the Customer’s Contact Information With Savance Enterprise, when the customer calls, if inside sales does not know the caller, he must take the company name, contact name, phone number, e-mail address and fax number for the quote. With Savance Enterprise, the contact information is automatically populated onto the quote and saved off for future reference. We use this information for future quoting and mailing lists.
Excel Spreadsheet Directly to Quote/Order Savance Enterprise allows our customer base to send us .xls files with hundreds of lines with part numbers and quantities. It turns these into quotes without having to reenter them – these quotes may be turned into orders with a click of the mouse. Part Number Look Up As inside sales enters part numbers incorrectly, Savance Enterprise will prompt them with part numbers that are close. Savance Enterprise also enables us to enter customer part numbers, which will pull up our part number and reference the customer's part number. Ability to Save Quotes in a Common Area Savance Enterprise gives us the capability to store quotes in a common area to call up for review. Previously, we had to rebuild quotes when asked again to quote a similar project at a later date. Savance Enterprise allows us to hold the old pricing or to reprice at the current levels. I feel strongly that this has been the best change in technology since I have been with McNaughton-McKay. [T]his positive outlook is a common feeling amongst everyone toward our new automated process. It saves all of us time and gives us a chance to do what we do best, sell!

Company Overview

McNaughton-McKay Electric Company, founded in 1910, is a wholesale distributor of electrical supplies. Since 2006, the company is 100% employee-owned.

McNaughton-McKay is primarily using Savance Enterprise's Sales Management module.