Take Your Business to New Heights with Savance Enterprise


Special Features for Retail Showrooms

Savance Enterprise wholesale distribution/ERP software comes with built-in special features for retail showrooms that help the sales and shipping process. Empower your showroom staff with tools that allow them to spend more time on customers and less time on data entry. This includes the use of technology (barcode scanners, custom showroom labels, signature capture devices, and more) to optimize your showroom, as well as a master database synced to manufacturers, making sure you always have the latest pricing, images, and product descriptions.

  • Features built specifically for retail showrooms
  • Use technology to optimize your retail operations
  • More time for customers - less time spent on data entry
  • Let customers build wish lists - straight from your showroom
  • Stay up-to-date by synching directly with manufacturers

  • Configurable Quote Templates

    Excel-style grid with copy/paste empowers professional-looking quotes to be laser-printed, e-mailed, faxed, and saved.

  • Install Location Shipping Labels

    Assist homeowners and contractors by printing the install location of fixtures right on the box.

  • Profit Summary & Margin Manager

    Review profit and revenue, meet shipping minimums, and tweak an entire proposal from one spot.

  • Custom Showroom Labels

    Print showroom labels to provide items description, part number, and barcode for pulling up additional part info.

  • Lot Pricing

    Streamlined lot/project pricing that integrates seamlessly with AR/AP.

  • Project Management

    Work with virtual folders, define jobs, attach files for anyone to reference, and send with quotations.

  • Fixture/Lamp Linking

    Suggest lamps or fixtures, link items to each other, and adjust price and margin as one.

  • Master Item Database

    Sync with manufacturers directly so cost, price, and descriptions are always just a click away.

  • Quoting System

    All-inclusive business/quoting system software for any size company.

  • Handheld Units

    Use handheld units to quickly search for parts, orders, and PO's while walking your warehouse or showroom floor.

  • Mobile Delivery

    Mobile manifest with routing, signature capture, and exception handling.

  • Wishlist Functionality

    Custom showroom labels allow clients to retrieve instant info and build a wishlist right from your showroom floor.

  • Instant Sales Quotation

    Walk around the showroom with your client and pull up price and availability all while building their sales quotation.

  • Multi-Customer Quotes

    Create one quote and send to multiple customers bidding on the same project.

  • XO and LA Integration

    Savance integrates with XO Lighting and LightsAmerica.

  • Hanging Tags

    Refresh your hanging tags with ease.

  • Point of Sale

    Optimize your retail operations by leveraging credit card swipes, signature capture devices, and barcode technology.

  • Vendor RFQ Management

    Quickly send multiple quote requests to multiple vendors to collect the best pricing.