Take Your Business to New Heights with Savance Enterprise


Keep Your Inventory Stocked More Efficiently

Savance Enterprise allows Purchasing and Warehouse Management to work in tandem so that you always know your ideal stock levels and what your current levels are. The system will suggest stock levels by comparing past customer order amounts and by tracking customer buying habits. Savance Enterprise gives you complete traceability throughout the entire Purchasing process: know what to purchase, when to purchase something, or who worked on a specific RFQ. You will immediately be quicker and more efficient.

  • Critical purchasing wizard eliminates typing in all your POs
  • Integrates with sales process to auto-generate POs
  • Increase your profit margins
  • Quick access to vendor information and contact details
  • Flexible ordering grid with cut - copy - paste functionality
  • Instantly import the latest pricing

  • Advanced Order Control

    Take advantage of complex, built-in ordering formulas to optimize your purchasing process.

  • Freight Cost Allocation

    Integrate with FedEx/UPS to calculate shipping estimates based on warehouse address, shipping address, and total order weight.

  • Purchasing Rules

    Automatic evaluation and adjustment of inventory item settings help minimize losses and maximize profits.

  • Automatic Backordering

    Allow for items to be ordered automatically, at the instant they hit your set reordering thresholds.

  • Inline PO

    Create a PO during order entry, and automatically tie linked POs back to the order.

  • Real-Time Purchasing

    Real-time purchasing and view of your current backorders and directs without having to run a report or wait for an overnight job to run.

  • Buying Groups

    Reduce maintenance and simplify tasks by grouping customers together for special pricing and other purposes.

  • Instant Backorder Status

    When items are received and scanned into the system, salespeople can instantly see all items received and backorders filled.

  • Stock Replenishment

    Quickly and accurately replenish stock and eliminate over/under stocking, using a variety of methods.

  • Communication Links

    Always know ideal stock levels or what to order thanks to communication between Inventory Management and Purchasing.

  • Item Turns

    Purchase accurately based on the number of turns for an item, and always keep your inventory stocked.

  • Safety Stock Fill

    Safety stock fill rate based formula method to determine EOP and EOQ.

  • Critical Purchasing

    Your central purchasing department can quickly create an RFQ and convert it to a PO in seconds.

  • Lead Time Calculator

    Considers order lead time, and when something needs to be ordered to account for the correct suggested stock levels.

  • Suggestive Purchasing

    Tracks customer buying habits and suggests stock levels by comparing past customer order amounts.

  • Direct Ship

    Save overhead by having a vendor ship merchandise directly to your customer, rather than to you first.

  • Low Inventory Notifications

    Configure low inventory notifications to stay on top of purchasing.

  • Vendor Info & Management

    Store vendor POs and details, e.g. terms, and last payments made. Automatically use login info associated with vendor site.

  • Easy Quote to RFQ/PO

    With the click of a mouse you can easily convert a quote to a RFQ/PO without having to retype all the information.

  • Min/Max Reordering

    Stay on top of reordering by seeing stock levels, setting min and max levels, and recommending reorder quantities.

  • Vendor Price Spreadsheet Upload

    Keep vendor pricing up-to-date by easily uploading entire spreadsheets of data.

  • Forecasting

    Savance Enterprise's Forecasting features help you make intelligent decisions when trying to meet vendor minimums.

  • Overstock Optimizer

    Determine how much overstock you have in your inventory, and easily initiate overstock returns to your vendor if needed.

  • Vendor RFQ Management

    Quickly send multiple quote requests to multiple vendors to collect the best pricing.