Take Your Business to New Heights with Savance Enterprise

Pricing, Contracts & Rebates

Control Profit Margins & Pricing

By giving you the pricing tools you need, Savance Enterprise helps you be competitive without sacrificing your profits. By knowing the exact profit margin for any product, you can make smart selling decisions each and every time. Quickly see the item’s cost, margins, price, class, miscellaneous charges, lost profit, and more, with a simple glance at the summary tab. Also, because anyone can see an item’s last quoted price for a specific customer, the item will never be quoted differently to the same customer by a different salesperson.

  • Stop selling parts for a losing profit
  • Always know the profit margin per manufacturer
  • Import manufacturers’ updated data in minutes
  • Never quote a customer a different price for the same item
  • Quick contract imports using Excel spreadsheets
  • Incentivize customers by providing price breaks and discounts

  • Automatic Pricing Updates

    Pricing automatically prompts to refresh after 30 days or on-demand to keep quotes up-to-date.

  • Embed Component Costs

    Embed extra item costs, combine items with each other, tweak margins, and quickly calculate profit levels.

  • Pricing Automation

    Automatic pricing data management on a mass scale through the use of pricing rules, new item rules, and powerful pricing import engine.

  • Built-In Templates

    Import templates built into the software for most of the major manufactures to ease in the contract (SPA) management process.

  • Excel Contract Import

    Get your customers the pricing they need, by being able to import contracts quickly via Excel spreadsheets.

  • Price Sheets

    Specify static prices or costs that will not change, regardless of List Cost, True Cost, Column Prices, or other variables.

  • Best Sell Pricing

    Opt to have the system always check for Best Sell Cost and Best Sell Price, rather than follow the regular pricing hierarchy.

  • Formula-Based Price Columns

    Dynamically define column pricing based on user-defined formulas. The sky is the limit!

  • Pricing History

    Drill down and see all the times you quoted, sold, bought, discounted, requested a quote from a vendor, and more, for any item.

  • Column Locking

    Keep items in view, and protect key data from being changed or deleted, by locking and unlocking columns.

  • Into-Stock Pricing Wizard

    Easy, wizard-format into-stock pricing updates.

  • Profit Summary

    Right from the summary tab, you can see the exact profit you will be making on a quote. Easily make edits to margins.

  • Consistent Quoting

    Get immediate quoted item history, and never quote an item twice for the same customer.

  • Margin Manager

    Make smart selling decisions by always knowing the exact profit margin for all your products. Quick profit margin edits.

  • Quote & Order Summary

    See the entire summary of a quote or order: price class, profits, extra cost associated with a quote, order totals, and more.

  • Contract Pricing

    Use the Contract Manager to apply special pricing and costs on individual items or item groups.

  • Multi-Tier Pricing

    The system automatically looks for prices based on a pricing hierarchy: manual, contract, promotions, discounts, and main item pricing.

  • Rebate Manager

    Never miss a rebate. Easily configure and track rebatable items to ensure all rebates are received.

  • Discount Groups

    Set up different price classes for customers based on the amount of product they purchase.

  • Pre-Check Imports

    Preview option allows you to review every change and selectively apply some, all, or none, ensuring data integrity before importing.

  • Vendor Rebate Tracker

    Create and track rebate requests on special price agreements with ease and apply rebate credits towards vendor payments.

  • Easy Import Wizard

    Point and click mapping wizard allows you to map, translate, and import any Excel, CSV, text, or other common file format.

  • Pricing Mass Maintenance

    Save time by applying a large amount of pricing rules at once.

  • Volume Pricing

    Provide quantity price breaks for an item to offer lower price/item for high quantity purchases.