Take Your Business to New Heights with Savance Enterprise

Savance Enterprise

All-Inclusive Wholesale Distribution Software

Savance Enterprise is a powerful and fully integrated ERP software solution created specifically for wholesale distribution markets such as electrical and plumbing supply distribution. The Savance business system was built on Microsoft Windows and SQL Server technology for better usability, ease-of-use, and user acceptance, and its infrastructure is designed to support multiple users accessing large amounts of data at the same time. From the ground up, Savance Enterprise was built to grow as your company grows. It can handle the workload whether you have a single location or multiple stores and warehouses. Ideal for every facet of your distribution business, Savance Enterprise has been optimized to improve efficiency, increase margins, and boost sales. From sales administration to warehouse staff, information is shared and processes are streamlined so anyone can get the job done fast. No more ”Only Bob knows about that quote” or “Only Betty knows how to do that.” Automate routine processes with updated technology, more efficient procedures and tasks, and by using one common system that integrates Accounting, Purchasing, Sales Management, Warehouse Management, and more. No third-party add-ons required.

Select Benefits
  • Scalable ERP solution that grows with your company
  • Built on Microsoft technology for better user acceptance
  • Streamlined processes connect all business operations
  • Major reduction in labor and operating expenses
  • Increased efficiency and productivity across the board
  • Built-in tools for replication and backups
  • Minimal learning curve
  • Full cloud and virtualization support
  • Customizations offered to fit your needs
  • All product modules included - No add-on costs!

Product Modules