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Optimize Sales with E-Commerce Store

Optimizing Sales with a Web Store

June 11, 2014

One of the most important developments of the new, web-based economy is the ability for consumers and businesses alike to shop for and market products in new and exciting ways. Not all of these methods work and experimentation is part of change and development in any field. For those failures though, there are certainly numerous successes in terms of finding new, more efficient ways to transact for goods and services.

One important new method of interacting in the marketplace between business and consumer is to set up an online store. Online stores have become a commonplace for many businesses and organizations as they allow simple solutions for managing a store and efficiently offering goods and services to consumers for sale even when you’re not usually open for business.

“There is a clear and urgent case for electrical wholesalers to accelerate their efforts to meet their customers’ e-commerce expectations” – tED Magazine – Study Finds Startling Shortcomings in Distributors Websites.

By using Savance Enterprise, one of the most obvious benefits to businesses of an online web store is connecting the online world with your current operations. In addition, a web store gives businesses a great way to expand, without the added expense of opening another physical, brick and mortar location. It also lets businesses reach clients outside their physical territory, who might not have been aware of their products and services. The E-Commerce/Web Store module included with Savance Enterprise can have an immediate impact on your bottom line by creating new leads and stimulating new business.

Another great benefit of a web store is that it can reach people across all geographical locations. It has very minimal cost to maintain, and exponential return on investment. It allows customers to quickly and easily build quotes and orders, pricing is always up-to-date, and for already established accounts, they will get their own specific contract pricing displayed. The Savance web store is organized in a way that makes it easy for customers and visitor to quickly and easily find parts. It also has Google-like search options that narrow down the time it takes to find parts. It comes equipped with a shopping cart and multiple payment options.

Whether it’s the cost of hiring employees to manage a new store or the costs of opening a store like rent and insurance, it’s often prohibitively expensive for most businesses to reach outside their current geographical market without a huge investment. By offering products through an online storefront though, businesses are able to reach much broader markets and effectively market their products by simply allocating resources to update dynamic content. This allows any business to make huge cuts to the cost of marketing and selling products, saving more money for more important goals like improving operations to further improve your bottom line. Another huge benefit of an online store is that it allows a business to customize and tailor its sales and marketing strategy using hard data about what sorts of products are most popular and most in demand. With a more traditional brick and mortar storefront, business is at a disadvantage for many reasons. Perhaps most importantly, it is very difficult to know what people are looking at or most interested in and what excites the most interest amongst potential customers.

Instead of sifting through receipts and inventory sheets to find out what customers are buying, managers can instead turn to quick, accurate, data-driven reports to find out which products work and which don’t. Those same managers can also use software tools from Savance Enterprise to find out which products are receiving the most speculation and views online. They can also see what other related products similar customers were looking at, and for how long. The system also dynamically uses this data to help suggest related items to browsing customers. Ultimately though, all this dynamic data presented in an organized fashion grants managers and businesses the ability to base decisions about future activity on hard numbers, offering the best chance possible to grow their business going forward.

The benefits of opening up an online store are numerous for any business. The simple fact is online stores make operating a business easier and more efficient than ever. Selling and marketing products takes on a whole new dimension when working with the tools offered by Savance Enterprise to manage your business’s growth via an online store.

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