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Luxury Products Group

ERP Features for Showrooms and PHCP Distributors

Savance Enterprise ERP Software is uniquely positioned to provide wholesale distributors with a complete package of business operations software for one, affordable, up-front price. The robust functionality of Savance ERP Software includes mobile and touchless workflows, order fulfillment, warehouse management, financial reporting, demand management, purchasing, and accounting. In addition, contact management, eCommerce, analytics, and integrations for automated EDI workflows, are built into the system and available at no additional cost.

Savance Enterprise ERP Software helps you deliver a best-in-class customer service experience to your customers inciting loyalty and repeat business. In addition, Savance Enterprise ERP Software’s rich feature set stays on top of rapidly changing customer demands, fluctuating inventory levels, and everchanging price margins. By automating your processes and unifying your business, we’ll provide you with increased visibility, efficiency, and productivity. You’ll spend less time on redundant tasks – and more time selling. In addition, as a company that puts customer support towards the top of our priority list, Savance will always have your back.

Savance Enterprise ERP Software is uniquely positioned to provide wholesale distributors with a complete package of business operations software for one, affordable, up-front price. Savance works with other verticals within the IMARK group, so it made perfect sense to have them join forces with us. I am confident they will help our members become more successful by providing a comprehensive solution to support customer demand.
~ Jeff MacDowell, President, Luxury Products Group

Let's talk about improving your workflows and growing your profits:

Features & Benefits

  • Scalable ERP solution that grows with your company
  • Full audit trail capability to ease follow-up process
  • Major reduction in labor and operating expenses
  • Increased efficiency and productivity across the board
  • Full cloud and virtualization support
  • Continuous improvements for efficiency & productivity
  • Simple, non-deceptive, and all-inclusive pricing
  • Product customization to fit your business
  • Very quick return on investment

All-Inclusive Wholesale Distribution ERP System


Reach people across all geographical locations and sell more products with Savance Enterprise’s simple and straightforward web store with multiple payment options. Give customers the ability to buy, look up parts, and view account information online, without the help of a salesperson. Even show specific contract pricing to established accounts. Not only will you be able to simplify the buying process for your customers, but you will also cut the amount of time your employees spend looking up information and taking orders. » Learn More

Pricing, Contracts & Rebates

By giving you the pricing tools you need, Savance Enterprise helps you be competitive without sacrificing your profits. By knowing the exact profit margin for any product, you can make smart selling decisions each and every time. Quickly see the item’s cost, margins, price, class, miscellaneous charges, lost profit, and more, with a simple glance at the summary tab. Also, because anyone can see an item’s last quoted price for a specific customer, the item will never be quoted differently to the same customer by a different salesperson. » Learn More

Purchasing Automation

Savance Enterprise allows Purchasing and Warehouse Management to work in tandem so that you always know your ideal stock levels and what your current levels are. The system will suggest stock levels by comparing past customer order amounts and by tracking customer buying habits. Savance Enterprise gives you complete traceability throughout the entire Purchasing process: know what to purchase, when to purchase something, or who worked on a specific RFQ. You will immediately be quicker and more efficient. » Learn More

Sales Management

With Savance Enterprise's Sales Management module, you can easily produce and send professional-looking quotes that are common to your entire organization. The bidding and quoting environment is built for productivity and efficiency, and can be customized to fit the needs of your business. Assign sales representatives to each account; set reminders to encourage follow up with customers; and ensure both staff and management stay on top of every opportunity. » Learn More

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Feature Highlight

  • Full Audit Trail

    Easily review history of anything (bills, credits, debit memos, etc.).

  • Job Management

    Manage an account’s jobs through job-specific invoicing, statements, reporting, blanket POs, and credit limits.

  • Pricing Automation

    Automatic pricing data management on a mass scale through the use of pricing rules, new item rules, and powerful pricing import engine.

  • Item Management

    Seamlessly manage substitution parts, complementary items, commodity items, alias part numbers, and customer part numbers.

  • Point of Sale Automation

    Simplify the POS experience through the use of barcode scanners, credit card readers, and process automation.

  • Rebate Manager

    Never miss a rebate. Easily configure and track rebatable items to ensure all rebates are received.

Featured Case Study: J&J Wholesale Uses ERP Automation to Incite On-Time Customer Payment

Though seemingly unconventional, J&J pushed to “go-live” amidst the height of the global COVID-19 pandemic. One immediate benefit? The Savance system created a substantial improvement in automating billing, alleviating the need for paper and added handling. “Savance’s automation has been pretty mistake-free with Savance and has helped us a lot during a time when nobody wants to touch anything of someone else’s,” says Carpenter. This feature has helped slash customer payment time by proactively encouraging bill pay earlier than J&J would have previously received. “Customers are actually paying their bills earlier than they ever have before, which is unheard of in this industry,” states Carpenter. Part of the reason for that is because Savance’s intuitive sales order entry automatically notifies the customer of the order which signals a payment is upcoming. Carpenter says this feature has been a blessing in disguise given the recent economic environment.


Not once have I second-guessed my decision to change over to Savance. Customers are actually paying their bills earlier than they ever have before, which is unheard of in this industry.

Jason Carpenter,
Owner, J&J Wholesale Kitchen & Bath Showroom