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Array and Future Company Growth Questions

Is Array Capable of Driving Your Company’s Long-Term Growth?

August 02, 2016

Epicor has been sold yet again, putting users in the boat of uncertainty wondering what this means for them and their Array system. Savance Enterprise users have no worries. Here are just a few of the ways in which Savance can improve your company’s profit margins and operational efficiency while putting your mind at ease about leading your company into the future:

  • Trust & Stability: Savance has been privately owned and operated since 1998, and caters specifically to the wholesale distribution market.
  • Cost Savings: Savance’s all inclusive ERP software and support fees ≤ 3rd party support fees + recurring Array license fees.
  • Evolving Technology: Savance Enterprise has a constantly evolving feature set to help distributors like you take advantage of data and technology to increase your sales and profits.
  • Operational Efficiency: Savance Enterprise optimizes sales, accounting, rebates, pricing, purchasing, and inventory management for instant return on investment.

Savance Enterprise, developed by a company that is committed to continued private ownership, constant innovation, and intimate support, will cost users less over time while simultaneously increasing profits. We invite Array users as well as users of other ERP systems to take advantage of our Free Demo/Consultation. Just fill out a simple signup form, and a Savance Enterprise representative will contact you shortly to setup your free demo session.