Blog | IB Lighting Selects Savance Enterprise ERP Software

IB Lighting Selects Savance Enterprise ERP Software

July 23, 2021

IB Lighting, A family-owned and operated lighting supplier in Dearborn, Michigan, announced that it has gone live with Savance Enterprise ERP Software. The company chose Savance Enterprise to help improve operational efficiency and to eliminate time-consuming foreign customer service support.

IB Lighting Supplies was founded in 2013 with the goal of providing Metro Detroit with energy-efficient lighting products. Their goal is to offer a wide variety of highly efficient LED lighting to reduce both energy costs and footprints through reduced energy consumption. They have built an enviable reputation for their vast product selection and superior commitment to customer service. Their well-known promise to work one on one with our clients to find their optimal solution for any project – at the best price is at the center of every transaction.

As the business grew, IB Lighting grew increasingly frustrated with outsourced customer support and the limitations of their outdated ERP software. Explaining the decision to deploy Savance Enterprise ERP Software, I.T. Manager Youssef Nasser, said, “Our previous ERP software functioned more like a restaurant Point of Sale system and lacked the unique functionality a business like ours requires.”

“Furthermore we had heard about Savance’s solution from a customer of ours who is already using the product. When we learned that they were local, it made the deal even sweeter. It gave us a sense of ‘easy accessibility’. That, coupled with the strong track record of successful implementations we learned about along the way, gave us the confidence that this solution was the right fit for our business,” said Nasser.

By implementing the distribution-specific ERP, IB Lighting will have access to critical features like contact management, easy PO management, accurate inventory/stock availability, and accounting from day one, as opposed to any other solution that would require heavy customizations to achieve similar functionality. In addition, IB Lighting needed a solution that offered a simple eCommerce solution as part of their complete package. While they are not taking on the eCommerce project immediately, the lighting distributor has plans to make eCommerce a big focus in the near future, especially since the team easily adapted to the new system. Nasser says he was shocked the team was able to hit the ground running and move through the system really quickly when the system went live; making business as usual, easy, and more efficient.

“Our customers have even noticed how much more detailed their transactions are and how quickly we can get them in and out the door,” says Nasser. “Up until we moved to Savance Enterprise ERP Software, we were struggling to run processes, achieve efficiency, increase production, and reduce costs. Now, my team can create purchase orders and put in the cost price and I do not have to go back into the system and put in what we bought that specific item for. The system automatically generates the cost price into the system instantly. There is also an option for less cost price – and that saves me a lot of time throughout the day, especially when orders come through. From the moment that order comes in, I already have confidence that the system is using the cost price from the purchase order,” adds Nasser.

“Savance has been catering to workflows like IB lighting for more than 20 years,” says Vice President Jason Plasencia. “When they came to us explaining the challenges they were having with customer service and efficiency, we knew our solution would be a perfect match. Savance prides itself on leveraging industry best practices to provide an end-to-end solution that addresses key requirements of the industry. I have no doubt that our solution will be the key to achieving the growth goals IB Lighting has set for themselves. I look forward to seeing how they continue to progress”.