Blog | How a Modern ERP System Drove Business Growth by 30%

How a Modern ERP System Drove Business Growth by 30%

December 05, 2023

Small and medium-sized wholesalers often find themselves grappling with business challenges, often stemming from their dependence on limited or outdated technology, and impeding their growth potential. The utilization of entry-level accounting software, commonly favored by new businesses, and reliance on legacy business solutions, which many seasoned companies still employ, proves inadequate in navigating today’s global, digital economy. In this dynamic economic landscape, characterized by constant fluctuations, small and medium-sized distributors are required to exhibit agility, strategic thinking, and a future-oriented approach.

Deluxe Vanity & Kitchen’s President Roy Heskel explains a large part of business concerns stem from inventory management and reporting features that no longer represent the deep knowledge business owners need to get ahead of decision-making. In Savance Enterprise’s latest case study, Heskel explains “There would have been no way to have the control and flexibility we have today with customer pricing and an accurate view of our costs without (our transition to Savance). Savance was critical in serving as a launching point for our growth trajectory.”

Just one year after transitioning to Savance Enterprise ERP Software, the Luxury Products Group distributor experienced an outstanding 30 percent growth and offers customers an outstanding online and in-store experience.

To learn more about how Deluxe Vanity & Kitchen’s ERP transition paved the way for growth, read the full customer success story.