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Featured KB Article of the Month: Pricing Overrides

September 05, 2018

As of this month, we’re starting a new initiative that we call Featured KB of the Month. The featured knowledge base article will be sent directly to the Savance Enterprise User Group, and our hopes are that this new initiative will serve to improve the following:

  • User awareness of existing documentation
  • Adoption of key features in the product
  • Dialogue around concepts users would like to see documented

The featured article for the month of September focuses on the concept of Pricing Overrides, and how to use this feature to set pricing above and beyond column, contract, and rebate pricing per customer or customer group and per item or item group. As a distributor, you may have multiple groups of similar customers that you want to give preferential or aggressive pricing to in an effort to remain competitive or increase margin. Or maybe you want to price small or large groups of like items differently depending on the group of customers you are selling to. This is where Pricing Overrides will come in handy. 

As a member of the Savance Enterprise User Group, you should have received a PDF to your email with information on how to implement Pricing Overrides to remain competitive and increase margins. If you didn’t get an email, you can easily access it through the Savance Enterprise Help Portal by going to Data Management => Pricing => Pricing Overrides – Process Doc. If you’d like to schedule a time to discuss questions or ideas on how to best leverage this concept in your pricing model, send us an email at You may also reach out to your Account Executive directly.