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Empower Your Sales Staff for Success

July 01, 2014

For your company to achieve—and sustain—success in today’s competitive landscape, your sales staff need to have access to the most accurate information available. The Sales Management functionality from Savance Enterprise empowers your team to respond to your customers’ rapidly changing needs by providing a flexible interface that supports copy and paste and many other automated Windows shortcuts, which help to drive efficiency and improve profits. The result is that your salespeople win more bids and improve customer satisfaction—while lowering your total cost of ownership (TCO) and increasing your profit margins.

Savance Enterprise enables your sales staff to move quickly from being reactive to proactive. The software’s color-coded reminder functionality allows your salespeople to see which quotes need to be sent or completed—thereby helping them to stay on top of their commitments, follow up on opportunities, improve workflow, and foster internal communications. This, in turn, allows them to remain ahead of the competition and win more deals. Losing orders can also become a thing of the past with Savance Enterprise. The system’s “lost order reason and comment” field enables you to detail the precise reasons why a quote was not converted to an order—and to use that information to make certain that future orders are not lost to your competitors.

Moreover, with Savance Enterprise, your sales team is able be competitive without sacrificing profits. The software automatically lets your staff know at what price point to sell items. Salespeople can quickly see cost, margins, miscellaneous charges, lost profit, and more, all with a simple glance at the summary tab. By using price classes, list and cost multipliers, and margins to determine the selling price automatically, your sales team can set pricing without ever using a calculator. They can also copy and paste pricing directly from vendor quotes or spreadsheets provided via e-mail or fax. Furthermore, they can easily import pricing data files directly from vendors or from content providers such as Trade Service.

Not only is your quoting more accurate and consistent but it’s also more professional and easier to read. Savance Enterprise allows you to create sleek, customizable quotes and labels in a matter of minutes. Then you can send those quotes to customers instantly, right from your desk or mobile device. This increased efficiency improves not only quote turnaround time but also overall sales.

But don’t just take our word for it. Read about how Savance Enterprise’s customizable quoting and labeling functionality helped Wholesale Electric, based in Bay City, Michigan, to drastically reduce the number of mistakes the company had been making—on both the retail and the wholesale sides—using its old processes. To quote Wholesale Electric CEO, Dick Dodick: “Now our purchasing, quoting, labeling, and inventory are done so much more quickly and easily than they used to be—and with far fewer errors—that the system has paid for itself in efficiency and accuracy increases alone.”

Additional, real benefits of using Savance Enterprise to empower your sales force include:

  • Improved quoting times
  • Reduced data entry errors
  • Up-to-the-minute pricing

Read more about Savance Enterprise’s Sales Management module, and find out how Savance’s Microsoft-compatible, efficient user interface can help your sales staff save time and resources by putting vital information directly at their fingertips. See also how implementing Savance Enterprise can help your sales staff move from time-consuming data entry to more value-added activities—and increased profits. Start the process of empowering your salespeople with Savance Enterprise today. If you would like to learn how we can help your company, call us at 877 – SAVANCE or schedule a Free Online Demo.