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Doing More with Less – With Savance Enterprise Software

April 01, 2014

“Leaner and meaner” is a frequently heard saying these days, as companies continue to try to find new and better ways to save money without compromising quality. In short, everyone is trying to do more with less. One method companies have found to help streamline operations without cutting valuable resources is by implementing a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution.

For many businesses, however, their strength is built on tradition. In other words, these companies have their own established ways of doing things – many of which may be considerably outdated. In such situations, introducing big changes such as automating processes across the enterprise can seem more likely to hurt than help – at least in the short term.

Savance works with your company at every stage of the implementation process to ensure a smooth transition. Our dedicated technicians keep your specific needs in mind and work at a pace you are comfortable with – whether you are an old hand at using an ERP or more used to the old way of doing things. Our enterprise software solutions automate your company’s processes and consolidate your various, disparate systems onto a single, centralized platform. This single-system, single-vendor approach makes it easier for you to learn the new business system as it is being implemented, resulting in:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Enhanced visibility and transparency
  • Increased savings of time and money

Michigan-based Wholesale Electric was one of the earliest adopters of Savance’s complete enterprise software package. The company has been in business for more than 50 years and knew their business well, but with the sudden downturn in the economy, implementing a cost-effective solution was crucial to their survival. Wholesale Electric implemented Savance Enterprise software – and as a result, realized multiple business benefits, helping them truly do more with less.

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