Blog | Discount Plumbing & Electrical Transitions to Savance Enterprise ERP to Unify Operations and Gain Control

Discount Plumbing & Electrical Transitions to Savance Enterprise ERP to Unify Operations and Gain Control

August 13, 2021

Discount Plumbing & Electric Supply is one of the few locally owned and operated supply houses in the Plumbing and Electrical industry in Tennessee. With three locations, they have seen many national and regional competitors come and go in their more than 30 years in business.

But President Tracy Foster struggled with keeping up with the competition using the legacy software that had been in place for about the same amount of time. Rather than bolt-on applications, Discount Plumbing selected Savance Enterprise ERP Software which offered a unified, modern business platform to help provide financial visibility, sales tracking, and ease of use that increased productivity and revenue. In addition, the all-in-one ERP software included an easy eCommerce solution that fit the budget and supported future plans for growth.

“I would say we were way overdue for a new system,” says Foster who adds that while the intent to upgrade was always there, changes in priorities pushed the evaluation process back longer than expected. “We were using QuickBooks to handle one side of our business and Acclaim to handle the other,” says Foster. “The systems were completely separated and time-consuming to manage.”

When the IMARK Plumbing show came around, Foster had the opportunity to connect with Savance Enterprise’s team who walked him through the integrated windows-based platform which seemingly was a strong fit for their locally owned business. But it wasn’t just the software’s ability to manage his entire operation at an affordable price. It was the personalized service and connection he formed with Savance’s leadership team that sealed the deal.

“I got along with [Savance’s team] really well. I was able to share my ideas and felt as though they really listened to how I needed to operate the business,” says Foster. “I knew my company needed better inventory control than what we had and some automated purchasing, but Savance was able to show me ways I could also have a succinct, paperless workflow by linking orders, quotes, and PO’s. In addition, Savance gave us the capability to add attachments from customers who still preferred to fax in orders and things like that.”

With three locations and nearly 25,000 square feet of warehouse space, the Tennessee-owned business also required a system that offered multi-location Warehouse Management and wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Foster says selecting Savance Enterprise’s ERP Software gave him all the tools he needed to efficiently manage his unique inventory which also includes home appliances. “While we’re still working on getting all locations synced, I can say that we are now more than 90% accurate on the inventory side of things; which is a huge improvement for us,” adds Foster.

In addition, Foster has captured more control of his business’s margins which has become increasingly important. “Using the intuitive reporting in the new system, I can really keep an eye on our margins better than I was ever able to do before,” says Foster. This is especially important for a business like Discount Plumbing who find themselves competing with a large conglomerate supply company down the road.

“We need to be able to stay ahead of competitors and I think it’s a huge win for the “small guys” to have access to advanced pivotal technology such as Savance. An affordable, all-inclusive solution such as theirs gives us the business insights we need to manage cash flow, inventory, and purchase orders for growth and sustainability,” says Foster.

“Savance Enterprise ERP Software gives me access to critical data throughout the business within seconds to make much better decisions, decisions that are driving increases in revenues and profits,” Foster adds.

As Foster and his team continue to look toward future growth, plans to roll out Savance’s connected eCommerce is next on the agenda. “Putting customers in control so they can log in to view previous orders, place new orders, and manage their invoices and payments is critical to our future success,” adds Foster.

For now, Foster and his team are focused on supplying the fixtures, parts, and fittings needed to support the local construction boom taking place around them. As he says, “we are perfectly positioned to serve the masses of contractors and builders right now because we’re fully functioning on Savance Enterprise ERP Software. I couldn’t imagine going through this residential housing boom and being stuck on our old solution.”

“Listen, if it’s time for an upgrade, it’s time to look at a company that provides one-on-one customer care and support and all the features you need for your future growth. We feel we found that in our partnership with Savance,” states Foster. “For a business like ours, it was the right choice and the right solution.”