Blog | Deluxe Vanity & Kitchen Chooses Savance Enterprise’s Cloud-Based ERP Software to Advance Wholesale Operations

deluxe kitchen and vanity chooses Savance Enterprise ERP

Deluxe Vanity & Kitchen Chooses Savance Enterprise’s Cloud-Based ERP Software to Advance Wholesale Operations

December 09, 2021

Luxury Products Group member Deluxe Vanity & Kitchen has selected Savance Enterprise as its ERP Software for future growth. The Van Nuys, California-based luxury showroom prides itself on being a one-stop-shop for high-end bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

Their journey began in 2005 as a bathroom vanity manufacturer and wholesaler. Since then Deluxe Vanity & Kitchen has expanded into a full home design and remodeling company with a 60,000 sq. ft warehouse. They focus on providing an impeccable kitchen and bath showroom experience while offering a full retail area to anyone from contractors and builders to walk-in customers looking to make home improvements.

“We just outgrew our current provider,” says Owner Roy Heskel. “You never want to be more powerful than your ERP technology,” Roy adds. “We needed a system that could support both our growth trajectory and increased focus on maximizing profitability through operational efficiency,” Heskel said. Roy then utilized his resources within the Luxury Products Group (LPG) buying group he is a member of to begin researching options.

“I looked at other ERP solutions available but realized that they really didn’t know much about our industry. I was lucky to be introduced to Savance and some of their current customers in the group. I discovered they have a very strong understanding of what this industry needs, without the high price other ERP companies typically present,” says Heskel.

Savance Enterprise ERP Software has been steadily gaining traction with LPG members due to their industry-specific workflows and responsive customer support. In fact, Heskel says he selected Savance largely due to what he learned from other Savance customers like J&J Wholesale. “We just felt very comfortable with the functionality and workflows Savance offers showrooms like ours who continue to be challenged by changing customer demands,” explains Heskel.

Heskel points out one of the main reasons he knew it was time to upgrade his ERP Software was because his existing system had him too “in the weeds” on an everyday basis. “We had grown bigger than our system and outgrew the inventory management and reporting that was possible,” says Heskel. “We were at the point where system limitations prevented us from knowing where an item even came from if it was returned to the store. We would have items just sitting around with no way to track them or know the lifecycle of that item. It just became overwhelming,” emphasized Heskel.

“Our old ERP was a reasonable solution when we first started out, but for a growing business like ours, we now need access to robust reporting, easy point-of-sale, and key showroom features to keep customers happy and coming back,” Heskel explains.

Savance Enterprise ERP Software fits the bill. As an all-inclusive software solution for wholesale distributors for more than 20 years, Savance brings together the functionality distributors rely on most with a price point they find affordable.

Savance’s VP of Product Development Jason Plasencia says “We continue to see how PHCP Showrooms such as Deluxe Vanity & Kitchen are struggling to keep up with customer demands using old, outdated software. Most of them think upgrading to a new system is too massive of an undertaking or priced out of their league. But Savance has made it their mission to help distributors eliminate the need for separate applications, spreadsheets, and ‘one off’ processes, to keep their businesses running seamlessly.”

Deluxe Vanity and Kitchen liked knowing that with Savance, they could opt for an on-premise or cloud-based system. Their decision to go with the cloud-based ERP solution allows Roy and his team to automate processes and tap into real-time performance that supports business growth and profitability objectives without the need for an on-site IT person or team. “One of the things that I evaluated during my search is whether or not I could easily pull the data I needed to make fast decisions. I am confident Savance’s intuitive dashboards and reporting will provide me with that insight,” says Heskel.

Deluxe Vanity & Kitchen is slated to “go live” on the new ERP software in early 2022.  Roy and his team are confident they will experience what other LPG members have already testified to; zero downtime, improved efficiencies, and the tools that provide the power to grow.

For more information on Savance Enterprise’s all-in-one solution for plumbing distributors and showrooms, visit or call (877) 728-2623.