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Savance was established in 1998 to provide network and software solutions that automate business processes. We started with the idea that technology could be used effectively to save businesses time and money and make our lives easier. To this day, we strive to hire the best people, produce the best solutions, offer the best service, and stand by it with the best support. We set ourselves apart from our competition by still keeping it personal. We actively request feedback, know our customers by first name, integrate their ideas into our product, and measure our success based on their happiness. The way businesses used to be run.

Savance Enterprise

The product now known as Savance Enterprise was created in 1999, and functions as an ERP business system application suite. We established ourselves by designing a new and innovative system on brand new architecture. Since then, we have strived to keep our software on the leading edge of the sales and distribution software market.

Over the next couple of years, Savance Enterprise developed and expanded. We added several features and additions to our package, including Document Management, Warehouse Management, Delivery and Signature Capture, an eCommerce solution, a Mobile Salesforce Tool, Contracts, EDI, and more.

Moving forward, Savance Enterprise is poised to make a huge splash in wholesale distribution industries, with superior functionality and more features than any software on the market. As our competition has been acquired, downsized, and hit hard by the downturn in the economy and changes in leadership, our focus has remained the same. We keep growing stronger. Savance Enterprise is currently implemented in several large sales and wholesale distribution organizations across the US.

Savance Enterprise has established itself by catering to our customers’ requests, holding ourselves to high standards, providing great customer service, and offering the most innovative solution at the best overall value, and that’s how we will continue.

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