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Featured Savance Enterprise Case Studies

Savance is committed to our customers not just before a sale (which is how many other businesses seem to operate), but also during and long after. We are not looking to simply sell a product; our customers become friends and partners for a long time to come, and we will guide you through the implementation of Savance Enterprise and beyond. The following case studies are examples of how Savance Enterprise has helped simplify business processes for a few of our customers.

  • Buffalo Electric Supply

    Alabama-based Buffalo Electric Supply prides itself on flexibility and customer satisfaction, and in order to continue to meet these criteria in a changing market, the company needed to replace its old Array solution, which had grown antiquated and did not meet Buffalo Electric’s requirements for flexibility and ease-of-use. "We were looking for a future-proof, easy-to-use software package that offered great support from the software provider," Vice President Patrick McCarroll says. Other criteria included affordability, e-commerce functionality, and the ability to mass-upload inventory changes. The search ended after Buffalo Electric Supply came in contact with Savance.

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  • Drogen Electric Supply

    Drogen Electric Supply, a wholesale distributor of electrical supplies headquartered in Oneonta, NY, has experienced steady and sustained growth since opening in 1949. The company initially implemented Array, but found that the solution did not meet the company’s business goals. "With Array, every add-on seemed to bring an added expense," IT Manager Greg Clerke explains. "And when we looked at Windows-based alternatives, many of the solutions cost anywhere from $50,000 to $200,000. As a small company, Drogen simply couldn't afford such a major expense." The search ultimately led Drogen to Savance.

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  • Nelson Electric Supply Company

    Nelson Electric Supply Company, a premier provider of industrial automation equipment and services headquartered in Racine, Wisconsin, was running its entire enterprise on an outdated legacy system originally implemented in 1981. The company's warehouse management software was in particular need of updating. Savance worked hand-in-hand with Nelson Electric to implement the new software quickly and painlessly. "Both solutions integrated seamlessly with our existing ERP system," states Steve Shuman, Nelson Electric's Vice President. "We began to see benefits almost immediately."

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  • Villa Park Electrical Supply

    Founded in 1973, Villa Park Electrical Supply Company is a family owned and operated electrical supply and lighting distributor, serving the Greater Chicago area. Although Villa Park's previous business system, Real World, was functional, it was an old DOS-based system dating back over 30 years. "As our business grew over the years, and technology changed along with it, we knew we had to upgrade the system to streamline some of our day-to-day processes," explains Rose Ann Deadessis, Managing Partner at Villa Park Electrical Supply. Villa Park Electrical Supply found Savance thanks to a referral from NAED, the National Association of Electrical Distributors.

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  • Wholesale Electric

    Wholesale Electric has been in business since 1960, and has done well servicing their clients in the Great Lakes Bay Region of Michigan. With the recent downturn in the economy, it was clear that the company’s antiquated use of pencil and paper-based processes would not be supported going forward. "We had one single computer running Excel to track item costs, and another separate computer to handle invoicing," explains Wholesale Electric owner and CEO Dick Dodick. "We knew we needed to find ways to operate more efficiently – without increasing expenses."

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