All-Inclusive Wholesale Distribution ERP System

Let us help drive your company’s future growth.

Here are a few ways that Savance Enterprise can improve your company’s profit margins and operational efficiency, putting your mind at ease about leading your company into the future:

Cost Savings: Savance’s all-inclusive ERP software and support fees cost less than 3rd party support fees + recurring Array or other ERP solution license fees.

Evolving Technology: Savance Enterprise has a constantly evolving feature set to help distributors like you take advantage of data and technology to increase your sales and profits.

Operational Efficiency: Savance Enterprise optimizes sales, accounting, rebates, pricing, purchasing, and inventory management for instant return on investment.

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Let’s talk about improving your workflows and growing your profits:

There are lots of reasons to consider Savance Enterprise; here are just a few:

Privately owned and operated since 1998. Always growing and adding new customers.

All-inclusive pricing model includes fully integrated web-store and e-commerce platform.

Ever-evolving technology and feature set to accommodate your company's growth.

Improve transaction speed and shorten order-to-cash process

Flexible and customizable product to fit your unique business needs.

High-touch technical and sales support teams help ensure your satisfaction.

All-Inclusive Wholesale Distribution ERP Solution

As today’s customer continues to demand 24/7 service and the ability to easily access products and services online, having an e-commerce strategy has become a priority in distribution. Savance Enterprise can help you meet your customers’ needs and satisfy their increased appetite for online commerce through a fully integrated web store. » Learn More

Many of the distributors we talk to struggle with redeeming all of the rebates they are entitled to. It can become such a difficult and convoluted process that some don’t even bother. Savance Enterprise can help you increase margins and profits by making it easy to collect on rebates every time. » Learn More

Savance Enterprise gives you complete traceability throughout the entire Purchasing process: know what to purchase, when to purchase something, or who worked on a specific RFQ. You will immediately be quicker and more efficient. » Learn More

Savance Enterprise’s bidding and quoting environment was built for productivity and efficiency, and can be customized to fit the needs of your business. Assign sales representatives to each account; set reminders to encourage follow up with customers; and ensure both staff and management stay on top of every opportunity. » Learn More

Buffalo Electric Supply prides itself on flexibility and customer satisfaction, and in order to continue to meet these criteria, the company needed to replace its old Array solution, which had grown antiquated and no longer met their needs. The search for a future-ready ERP solution lead to Savance Enterprise.