Take Your Business to New Heights with Savance Enterprise


Real-Time Financial Data at Your Fingertips

Savance Enterprise’s Accounting module is highly configurable and allows you to take full control of your business. It will seamlessly connect your entire core accounting functions – General Ledger (GL), Accounts Payable (AP), and Accounts Receivable (AR) – with the rest of your business operations. Review real-time financial data at any time to make sound business decisions, and to dynamically change with your business climate.

  • Continuous operations - no more month end
  • Up-to-date company performance on-demand
  • Understand true profit margins and control your costs
  • Get paid faster and stay on top of receivables
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Reduce labor costs by cutting administrative tasks
  • Less data entry results in fewer errors and more efficiency

  • AP Invoice Entry

    Comprehensive accounts payable invoice entry system to reduce invoice entry and check processing.

  • Broken Item Tracker

    Track broken material during receiving, and display to the AP user when entering the bill for the PO.

  • Full Audit Trail

    Easily review history of anything (bills, credits, debit memos, etc.).

  • Auto-Debit

    Automatically create a debit memo for missing/broken items while creating the bill, in a one step process.

  • Commission Management

    View salesperson commissions; pay based on sales, profit, margins, and more. Supports multiple tiers.

  • Intelligent Bill Pay

    Enter and schedule bills from a PO or an expense bill. Take advantage of early payment discounts and payment terms.

  • Auto eDocs

    Electronically capture and index every printed check for reference later.

  • Configurable Payment Terms

    Specify terms provided by vendor to optimize discounts and credit.

  • Laser Printed Checks

    Purchase checks from anywhere and print right to a laser printer.

  • Automatic Document Linking

    Ability to attach the physical bill that was mailed to you to the electronic bill in your system.

  • Cross-Module Notes

    Track all bill correspondence in one central location.

  • Ledger Viewer

    View the ledger transactions that a bill has caused right from within the bill itself.

  • Batching

    Save time by grouping and batching "bulks" of information at one time, incl. statements, journal entries, and vendor payments.

  • Cost Updater

    Easily make changes to pricing with the proper security without having to involve purchasing.

  • Smart Bill

    Enter a bill that crosses over multiple warehouses without having to cancel; combine receivers into a receipt that matches the bill.

  • Bi-Directional Drill-Down

    Bi-directional inquiry drill-down between checks and invoices.

  • EDI Receiving of Invoices

    Eliminate errors thanks to EDI receiving of vendor/customer invoices.

  • Tax Payments

    Make tax payments a snap by marking a new vendor account as a tax authority.

  • Bill Reversal

    Easily reverse a bill at anytime in the process.

  • Extensive Reporting Engine

    Schedule graphical, color, on-demand reports to be emailed in a .pdf, Excel, .csv, or text format to anyone, anytime.

  • Vendor Payment Options

    Alternate functionality payment options for different vendors and buying groups with ability to hold vendor or invoice.

  • Bill Scheduler

    Schedule any bill based on a number of factors.

  • Flex Checks

    Write a check for anything at anytime, without having to create a bill. Print directly from the system.

  • Vendor Rebate Tracker

    Create and track rebate requests on special price agreements with ease and apply rebate credits towards vendor payments.

  • Advanced Credit Control

    Increase revenue and minimize risk of loss with advanced tools for customer credit management.

  • Email Invoices

    Quick and easy email functionality for sending customer invoices directly from your system.

  • Invoice Attachments

    Include scanned Purchase Orders and Proof of Deliveries with invoices.

  • Configurable Invoice Terms

    Encourage quicker payments with configurable invoice terms, including discounts for early payment.

  • Finance Charge Assessment

    Easily view overdue balances and selectively assess finance charges where applicable.

  • Partial Payments

    Allow for partial payments on a bill, and the partial amount will be subtracted from the full amount due on the account.

  • Configurable Sales Tax

    Configure any number of sales tax liabilities to collect state, city, county, or any other type of tax.

  • Flexible Payment Options

    Allow for payments by credit card, check, or cash, and let customers apply a single payment across several invoices.

  • Real-Time Statistics

    Current balance, 30/60/90/120+ balances, conversion ratios, sales statistics, etc., always at your fingertips.

  • Digital Dashboard

    AR dashboard with drill-down gives you sales charts, open invoices, overdue accounts, and reminders at a glance.

  • Interactive Collections

    Get paid faster by tracking last follow-up date. Always know when and with whom you followed up.

  • Statement Generator

    Generating statements is as easy as 1-2-3: Select customers, define statement options, and view a statement summary.

  • Easy Invoice Edits

    Easily make changes to invoices without having to recreate the entire order.

  • Invoice & Account Notes

    Improve collection efforts by adding notes to accounts and invoices.

  • Streamlined Invoice Workflow

    Instant view of invoice statuses and processes. Real-time updates to General Ledger.

  • Accounting on Demand

    Continuous accounting operations gives you critical insight into key metrics of your business, every day.

  • Custom Report Writer

    In addition to a number of pre-built reports, Savance Enterprise gives you the ability to customize any report you require.

  • Real-Time Financial View

    Review real-time financial data at any time to make sound business decisions.

  • Balance Sheets

    Create and view statements of the current and non-current assets, liabilities, and equity of your company or organization.

  • Fixed Asset Tracking

    Manage and keep track of your company’s fixed assets, by keeping all the information in one place.

  • Sales Reports

    Immediate insights into your sales performance using configurable sales charts organized by product, customer, or sales rep.

  • Cash Management Control

    Minimize risks by easily managing all important cash handling processes for your business.

  • Hierarchical Ledger Accounts

    Create and define hierarchical ledger accounts for effective analysis of your business by segment or as a whole.

  • Statement & Account Reconciliation

    Keep your accounting data accurate and always updated by reconciling your accounts, using a simple and efficient reconciling wizard.

  • Company Account Charts

    Structured, one-spot insight into all company accounts and assets.

  • Journal Entries

    Quickly add journal entries to the General Ledger.

  • Timelined Accounting

    Time-lined accounting provides quick and easy insight into any particular point of time.

  • Customer Statement History

    All statements get indexed and stored in each customer account, as an easily accessible PDF file.

  • Profit & Loss

    Easily view details of all profits and losses for the selected date range.

  • Trial Balances

    Easily view the double entry debits and credits across all ledger accounts.