Take Your Business to New Heights with Savance Enterprise

Savance Enterprise is Different

Most people cringe at the mention of their wholesale distribution software – especially on the topic of recurring fees and lack of support. What’s worse, most people admit that they would love to do more, but they feel like they are held hostage by the limitations of an outdated system. Many have tried to fill the gaps with third party support and customization, but it’s still not meeting all their objectives. All the while, the thought of changing systems seems daunting and expensive. So what can you do? Change. Anything that reaps reward requires change. Seek out a company that operates just like you operate – on providing customer service above everything else. Look for someone who will go that extra mile – someone who knows you by first name and cares about your success. Savance is that someone. Customer-driven and customer-focused, Savance is different. Privately held and privately funded, we focus on our product and our customers, not on shareholders, mergers, and acquisitions. We have established ourselves over the last 20+ years by catering to our customers’ requests; holding ourselves to high standards; providing great customer service; and offering the most innovative solutions at the best overall value.

Why Savance?

Committed to customers before, during, and after each sale

Continuous improvements for efficiency and productivity

Simple, non-deceptive, and all-inclusive pricing

20+ years of automating business processes

We offer product customization to fit your business

Scalable solution that grows with your company

Very quick return on investment

What Makes Savance Enterprise Different?

The Latest Technology

Savance Enterprise was designed and built on the latest technology to ensure product longevity for the future. Our Windows- and web-based system is easy-to-use, fully scalable to any size business, and highly automated. It is available on-premise or in the cloud.

To guarantee a smooth-working solution, Savance Enterprise has gone through years of testing and debugging. You will quickly find that we never stop moving forward: Every day, our team of engineers and designers are working to make Savance Enterprise more efficient, and to ensure we are able to offer the latest technology for our customers at all times.

Ever since our inception, one of Savance’s main goals has been to automate business processes. Ask how we can simplify life for you and your clients!

Trust & Stability

Savance was established in 1998, and has never changed ownership. Our goal was and still is to provide network and software solutions that automate business processes. To this day, Savance strives to hire the best people, produce the best solutions, and to stand by these solutions with the best service and support. What makes us different from our competition is that we still keep it personal. We actively request feedback, know our customers by first name, integrate their ideas into our products, and measure our success based on their happiness. The way businesses used to be run.

Savance wants all potential customers to feel confident both in Savance Enterprise and in our company as a whole, and therefore invite you to sign up for a free web demo to find out more about what we can do for your business. If you are happy with your demo session, ask how the solution can be customized to your specific needs!

Upfront Pricing

Savance Enterprise offers simple, non-deceptive, and all-inclusive pricing (generally $100 or less per user per month). This means no bad pricing surprises for you. The software also comes with the apps and modules that other companies charge extra for (including e-commerce, signature capture, and mobile tools). On top of that, Savance Enterprise’s minimal learning curve saves on training cost and roll out fees for your business. Upfront fees vary based on your specific configuration and needs, but are generally low compared to competitor prices. We will be able to tell you more as soon as we know what you are looking for.

Savance also offers a free demo. We want you to have a good idea of all that Savance Enterprise has to offer, and how the solution would work for you. We want to make sure you feel confident in Savance Enterprise – as well as in your relationship with Savance – before you commit.

Intimate Support

Savance is proud to stand by a great product with unsurpassed support, not just in our industry, but across the board. We are committed to our customers before, during, and after each sale, and want you to be a partner and a friend for years to come.

Savance has highly-qualified personnel who are knowledgeable and experienced in blending the right innovation, technology, and equipment when it comes to business processes and procedures. We offer live support, chat, a ticketing system, a knowledge base, and integrated/online help documentation. Additionally, Savance Enterprise was designed for real-time support monitoring. This means that any anomalies or support requests are automatically sent to engineers, allowing us to proactively support users, and to provide more information to engineering when a problem is encountered.

Product Customization

Being able to customize each department will streamline your processes and improve efficiency. What’s best for your operation and your processes? What’s going to make you the most efficient? What custom features does your business need?

While large ERP companies tend to stick to a “take it or leave it” rigidity, Savance’s willingness to customize gives you more freedom to do business your way. With Savance Enterprise, you can put an end to spending countless hours trying to get “off the shelf” business systems to do what you want them to do. Instead, our engineers will make sure that we completely understand your needs, and offer you a customized solution that fits your business to a T.


Savance Enterprise was built on Microsoft technology to allow general computer users to pick up the product quickly and easily. Users will learn effortlessly and require minimal assistance; the typical learning time to master the basics is only an hour.

The software is flexible and configurable: easily customize grid, columns, templates, reports, and more. With point-and-click and drop-down menus, there is no need to memorize tedious text commands and navigation strings. Overall, the functionality of Savance Enterprise is similar to that of Microsoft Office applications, and allows you to cut, copy, and paste the same way you would in Microsoft Excel or Word.

Ken O’Dell,

VP, Service Electric Supply:

Above everything else that Savance has done for us, we are most impressed with their approach to business as a partner rather than a vendor/customer.

Richard Dodick,

CEO, Wholesale Electric:

I want to start by saying that Savance is one of those rare vendors that ALWAYS go above and beyond the call of duty.

Chris Puerile,

VP, Drogen Electric Supply:

I found the Savance system to be easier to use than many of the half-million dollar software packages I’ve been on before.

Patrick McCarroll,

VP, Buffalo Electric:

For the cost, you can’t find a better software solution. The service and response time is top-notch. You’re not just another client for a big tech firm.